How can I eat less fat at a fast food restaurant?


Since many fast food restaurants have adopted the “bigger is better” attitude, classic small, medium, and large sizes are no longer available.

Great question on the American Diabetes Association webpage.


Now you have large, extra large, and supersize. Because of these larger portion sizes, the average American takes in 150 more calories a day, and most of these calories are fat. Although an extra 150 calories a day doesn’t sound like much, these calories add up with bad results for you. And don’t forget about carbs! Fast food restaurants are notorious for their high carb count and content.


There are many ways you can lower calories, carbs and fat in a fast food restaurant. The easiest way is to choose the smallest serving available. Just choosing a plain cheeseburger instead of a double cheeseburger will remove more than 200 calories. Most important is to choose low-fat items in place of high-fat items. For example, choose a baked potato with salsa or steak sauce (instead of butter and sour cream) to replace French fries. Order sandwiches without fancy sauces, and order salads with low-fat dressings (or “on the side” to control the amount of dressing you put on your salad). When low-fat options are not available, leave a few fries on your plate or a few bites of your sandwich, and skip dessert. Also don’t forget salads, minus bread/croutons and artificial bacon bites. Salads are a person’s best friend. Ask for double veggies on a salad as well. Feeling some meat? Ask for a broiled/grilled lean chicken breast on top.


The best way to reduce fat in fast food? Reduce how often you eat fast food.

By Brick ONeil

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