Ever Get Frustrated?

So, my book is free all this week, having participated in Smashwords free ebook promotion this week.  I’ve posted the freebie on facebook, twitter, linkedin, multiple times a day.  The problem?  No hits, no downloads, no feedback.

Makes me want to yell, scream “It’s FREE…what else do you want?”  As an author, we all think our work is the next best seller to hit the top ten.  My ebook has only been out a few months now and i’m wondering how to get more media interested in it.

In the meantime, I have four blogs (including this one) to post on each day.  There are daily posts (excepting most weekends) on www.EncourageHealthyHabits.com , www.TheTechGadget.com and http://brickoneil.blogspot.com which is my “Just a Book Blog” Blog.  I’ve also updated my linkedin profile,  and my monster profile (which I cant find the link, but it’s under Brick ONeil).  They’re connected, too!

So, go browse, search and enjoy!

oh, and download my book, it’s FREE this week 😉