Bright and Blustery Belltown

Torrential downpours this morning, then bright and blustery this afternoon in the Seattle neighborhood of Belltown.

March sure is roaring in like a lion (heh, like my business name, Lione Services).  As I sat at my desk watching the sheets of rain come down sideways, I was wondering what other writers do when they’re stuck inside on such days.  Do you continue writing/working or do you play farmville (or your drug…i mean….game….of choice? I’m at level 64, thank you very much).

In between harvesting green roses and greedily grabbing leprechaun gold, I’ve been posting on my three other blogs and obsessively marketing my Novel Aside of Murder , (which, incidently, is FREE until this Saturday–my birthday…hint hint).  There’ve been quite a few downloads, which means more people are reading it and spreading (good?!) word of mouth!