All My Own

Finally got an old blog network to remove my old blogs.

Discovered my work was still on their network when a comment was posted from a link.  I had no idea.  Surprising still, was they had advertisers on my old blogs.  They had been making money off my work for a year and a half, without my knowledge or consent.  They said they were forwarding the traffic, but I think they were trying to siphon money off my new blogs.

We all came from a different network that was supposed to be ‘revenue share’, only that network eventually stopped paying everyone.  This network had originally stated we would own our blogs and be revenue share.  After a few months (eight, to be exact), they stated there wasn’t enough revenue, maybe enough for a pizza a month.  Oh, and they bought the domain rights to our blogs.  We could purchase our blogs, if we wanted.  So I did and have never looked back.

I’m through making other people money with my work.  Now to just figure out the coding for adsense and get advertisers.