“Considered Not Selected”

I had been watching and waiting for a month on a Senior Writer position with one of the Universities here in the Seattle Metroplex.  Finally, today, There is a message on my profile on their site: “Considered Not Selected”.

I could be philosophical about it and say “it wasn’t meant to be”….”there was a more qualified candidate”….”there’s a better job just ahead”…and so on.

Truth is, I’m a damn good writer, I’ve been doing this professionally for ten years and boy, did THEY miss out! Employers have the right-of-way in this day and age.  They know there are 500 people for each job that is posted, and that they’ll get PhD’s applying for menial, minimum wage jobs.  It is frustrating and agonizing.  So, I’ll keep posting on my four daily blogs, work on my Novels.  It keeps me busy, plus I enjoy them!