Nothing new under the sun

Seattle had some sunny days recently, which got me to thinking, “what will be new to discover?”

Personally, i’ve discovered i’m horrible at grammar, punctuation and word meanings, apparently.  Only a few people that have read my novel have told me while they like the story, the above problems are atrocious throughout the novel.  Well….i never claimed to be great at editing or proofreading and I could not afford $2000 + to hire a professional editor/proofreader to go through my 84,000 + word novel.  Nor could I find anyone to do it for free.  I tried for five years to edit and proofread but somehow I overlook the errors.

I like the story, the characters, the plot, cadence and rhythm of the story too much to dissect it the way it needs to be done. After five years, I got sick and tired of looking at the book and working on it, so I just published it.

Warts and all.   There have been and will continue to be grammatical, punctuation and word meaning errors by numerous successful authors and writers long before I was born and will be long after I’m gone.

Afterall, there is nothing new under the sun.