Where are all the “Opportunities”?

Hundreds of thousands of people are now hanging out their shingle proclaiming themselves ‘Freelance Writers” these days.  I’ve been a Writer for ten years now.  I’ve accomplished quite a bit in a number of different areas.  I’ve finished a Novel, I’ve been a researcher online, i’ve done copywriting, i’ve written for clients in the fields of dating, real estate, self-help, community organizations, student paper organizations and even some of those article mill sites.  I’ve blogged for a few networks (that never worked out.  They claimed no money was being made but they sure had advertisers galore).  I was tired of making other people money, hand over fist, and now own my four blogs outright.

I keep reading from ‘guru’s’, advertisers and marketers that there are opportunities galore to make money.  I’ve tried several options and am finding them nonexistent or sadly lacking.  I’ve even applied for several full-time writing/editing/blogging jobs with brick-and-mortar businesses.

So, where are all these numerous opportunities that ‘everyone’ is saying is like picking ripe delicious apples off the ground? Just for anyone’s picking?