What’s your favorite type of character to write?

Depending on the scene, book/story and where i’m at in the book, that’s my favorite type of character to write.  Sounds like a cop-out, doesn’t it?

When I write, the characters become real to me. Sound odd?  It kind of does to me.  But, they become real, like friends or acquaintances.  I like the inquisitive ones that get the information, I like the main characters that get things done, even the villains because they shake things up in otherwise dull lives.  Then there are the bit parts that provide slight but necessary clues, that seem almost like a passersby.

Are some characters unnecessary? Probably, but it’s my world and I make the rules.  Whenever I have to kill a character, it really bothers me.  In my first novel, I was depressed for weeks when I ‘offed’ someone.  I really built up the character as a ‘whole’ person and when it came time, I was somewhat surprised.  But, it gave the villain credence and added a layer to him, or another dimension, if you will.  Even the main protagonist/character isn’t 100% ‘good’.

I like to add spice to every character I write ;).