>Book Review: "The Philosopher’s Kiss" by Peter Prange, Translated by Steven T. Murray

>Set in pre-victorian Europe, a young woman, Sophie Volland, witnesses her mother’s execution as a child, over accusations of witchcraft, love and betrayal. As an adult, she marries for a better station in life but a loveless marriage and falls in love with one of the most dangerous men of the day: the philosopher and writer Diderot!  Enter the court of King Louis the XVI, his mistress Madame de Pompadour and the various court members.

Peter Prange weaves a fantastic tale of intrigue, mystery with facts from history. Never before has history been so interesting!  The characters in “The Philosopher’s Kiss” are well-developed due in part to being actual living people so long ago.  Sure, he takes literary license with the people, places, events and has much conjecture, but the style and information cannot be denied.

Most anyone can identify with the love between Volland and Diderot.  A miscommunication, a slight that hurts, all of us can feel the pain and pang of guilt. I would recommend everyone who loves a good court intrigue story, as well as misguided love, to read this novel.