Blogs or Novels? Modern Juggling

I’ve been debating the past few weeks whether or not to give up some of the blogs I own in favor of the Novels i’m working on.

Since I’m getting paid for neither one, it’s a 50-50 decision.  I enjoy all of them, but I dont enjoy researching and writing 16 hours a day, nonstop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I get messages all the time asking “Why aren’t you monetizing your website(s)?”  I’ve posted [complained] about that in a previous post.  Let’s just say that it’s complicated. I”m a writer, not  a tech guru (although I have a tech website, I just repost top tech news that I like and sometimes comment on it). What I would like are advertisers, backers and paid links on all the blogs and websites.

Which leads me to another issue i’ve blogged [complained] about here before.  There are websites I need to develop but i’m not a tech person.  I tried for months earlier in the year to develop one for my Novels, but I got too far in over my head and left it.  Since I’m not making money on any of my writing, I can’t afford to pay anyone.

Which leads me to my original question, Blogs or Novels?  Modern Juggling.