Streamlined and Updated the Biz Site

Decided it was time to update the business site,

I took a good, long, hard look at what I offer, as far as services, and decided to remove the Technology, Real Estate and Copywriting.  Now I can focus on the Book Reviews, Health and Research.

There are a plethora of websites, blogs and mutterings on Technology and I hadn’t enjoyed blogging about it for months. The Tech site is still up, and am looking for help to move it over to a free hosting site, (any takers?).  I realize I don’t have a distinct enough voice to continue blogging about Technology and Gadgets, as there are the major ones out there (,,,, etc).

The Health blog has gotten to be a bit of a chore.  I’ve been blogging, going on 5 years for different networks then finally for myself.  It’s difficult to keep on keeping on when there isn’t any (or very little) feedback, advertisers, backers, etc.  Most of the monetizing offerings are few, far between and very little offering in itself. It just isn’t worth my time to be as active as I was without getting anything in return.

I know, that sounds shallow, but a guy has to eat. I’d like to move that blog over to as well, but I lack that technological know-how to do it.  If I could change the format of that site, i’d have my take on healthy eating, exercise and living! I can’t afford to pay anyone but the help would certainly be welcome.

The Novel, Aside of Murder (my first)  is offered for free again!  You can use code DU73T if you’re military/spouse of military or SSWSF at .  You can read the Novel on your home computer, using FREE EReader software!