“L is for Lawless” by Sue Grafton

Product DetailsL is for Lawless

Kinsey Milhone stars in another adventure, courtesy if Sue Grafton.  I’ve only just read this book recently (i’ve only got “J”, “K” and the next one, “V” to read then i’ll have read all of them to date.)

Kinsey is her usual wisecracking, off-the-cuff, casual self in this adventure.  In it, she is asked by her landlord Henry (an octogenarian she absolutely adores and would do anything for) to look into  a neighbor’s bequest and last will.  Of course it leads to misadventure as they all do. She gets involved with a decades old gang that stole money from a bank almost a half a century earlier and a current father-daughter misguided reunion. She not only gets hurt again but doesn’t get paid, either.

Sue spins another delightful yarn for fans of Kinsey Milhone.  The story is lucid and flowing but yet there feels like she falls into crutches towards the middle of the book.  For example, when Kinsey is fleeing the bad cowboy at the hotel, she comes upon a strange area of the hotel and ends up on a catwalk?  How convenient for the story, but is out of place and feels like a ‘gimme’ just to move the story along.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and look forward to getting the others.