Monday Book Review: Echo Park by Michael Connelly

Echo Park (Harry Bosch)

Michael Connellys famous detective, Harry Bosch, delves back into a murder thirteen years prior that takes him on a merry-go-round of interviews, evidence and mystery. Who are the real good guys and bad guys? Are your best friends cold-blooded killers?

Michael Connelly creates a fantastic character that has spawn numerous other books in the series.  Harry Bosch has been written as a well rounded character, with both good points and bad points, with his flaws for everyone to see.  He’s not written as a superman type of frontman. Rather, he’s written as someone you would love to have coffee or a beer with.

In Echo Park, a young woman disappeared, only her car and a few belongings were ever found in an abandoned car in an apartment complex’s empty garage. Harry keeps coming back to the same case, the same characters and the same outcomes.  Now there is a reason to reopen the decade plus case. This may be the case that does Harry in with guilt.

Hats off to Michael Connelly for creating a believable storyline and a beloved character.  Hopefully readers will love my Novels as well as his have been.

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