Monday Book Review: “J is for Judgement” by Sue Grafton

"J" is for Judgment

Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone is quirky, fun and a great detective.  The protagonist is a fully rounded person, with strengths and foibles just like a real person.  She’s not perfect, which makes her perfect for detective work.  Personally, I would love to see Sue’s file on Kinsey.  We learn a little bit about Kinsey with each book that comes out as she works on the case (that usually corners her into accepting).

In “J is for Judgement”, she is asked to investigate a dead man that was seen thousands of miles away from her hometown of Santa Theresa, CA, in a Mexican resort town sipping umbrella’d drinks with a mystery woman. From there, Sue sets of a web that Kinsey must unravel.  And unravel it does, back in good old Santa Theresa. As usual, there’s a large sum of missing money and investors wanting the hide of the aforementioned missing/presumed dead, man.

What I love about Sue’s series is how detailed (but not obnoxious) the minor characters are.  Kinsey’s landlord, Henry (a spry octogenerian) and his cohorts, from his persnickety brother to the brassy tavern owner ‘just a few blocks down the street’ (who has her eye on the brother).  Each book brings out rich, vivid detail that is eagerly swallowed by eyes many times over around the world.















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