Where are the Jobs, then?

Big businesses, conglomerates, millionaires and billionaires have had roughly 10+ years of the lowest tax rates and/or no taxes to create and sustain American jobs so the middle class can live and thrive.

Well, where are the jobs?

Republicans have cried and wailed for years that taxes would hurt and strangle job growth and the middle class if the rich and big businesses had to pay taxes.  Now all the middle class and poor see are jobs swiftly moving overseas, jobs in American states cut, benefits like full coverage health insurance stricken and slashed. Where are all the investments that the Republicans promised of the Rich and big business conglomerates?

Did they mean just for themselves?  That’s all Americans are seeing these days from their homeless encampments.  Their own homes long gone to foreclosure, banks razing empty houses in lieu of working with homeowners.

What is the endgame?  Do we all move to China, India or Indonesia for these American jobs? Will all major cities turn into Detroit, were all we see are pictures of urban decay, lawlessness, death and destruction? Buildings crumbling, people gazing out with hollowed, glazed over eyes? Hope and dreams crushed under the heel of endless poverty? Overseen by govermental rules, regulations and offices like DSHS, Social Security? Will there even be governmental agencies like DSHS and Social Security in the near future?

So many people would like a hand up, not a hand out. It’s about time the rich and big business conglomerates invest in Americans and America again.  We deserve it.

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