Monday Book Review: “Closer than Blood” by Gregg Olsen

Closer Than Blood

It’s true that Blood is thicker than Water but it’s also true that you hurt the ones you love most.  Both are good sayings for “Closer than Blood”.

In this story, Gregg Olsen paints a picture of the epitome of a love/hate relationship between twins Tori and Kendall, one a little prettier than the other, one a bit more aggressive and assertive than the other. Maybe a little bit psychotic. One car accident as teens and a slip of the tongue pushes one over the edge. As families are wont, they lost touch then a sudden string of seemingly unrelated events bring them back together. There is an ultimate agenda but will it be found out in time?

Gregg weaves together seemingly disparate threads into a beautiful quilt of words that both engage and enthrall readers.  His descriptions of area cities and landmarks are spot-on and uses them as additional characters rather than backdrops. The characters are three dimensional, with flaws one can relate.  The plot and story lines are believable and move along quickly.  All in all, another great read from Gregg Olsen.

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