Monday Book Review: “The Winter Ghosts” by Kate Mosse

The Winter Ghosts

I know it’s Wednesday, but I moved over the past week and i’m a bit behind. Please enjoy this review.

Kate’s previous book, Sepulchre, was a great read and her writing style reminds me of Dickens. She doesn’t shy away from using different ‘hooks’, such as ghosts.

Many reviewers are turned off by any stretch of the paranormal, but I believe they can be used without being tacky.

Kate uses them but doesn’t beat us over the head as some are wont to do.

In “The Winter Ghosts”, we meet Freddie Watson, who loses not only his brother to WWI but himself as well, on his way to a rare book dealer whom Freddie wishes to hear a translation of a letter he found.

It came about during travels in France and a tucked away village for whom time seemed to have stood still.  He arrived during a festival, somewhat of a “Dia de la Muerte”, where you celebrate those that have passed.  It is there Freddie meets and falls for Fabrissa, a wisp of a woman who relates her own sad tale and that of her beloved town.

One cannot help but be moved by Kate Mosse’s novel. “The Winter Ghosts” is an easy to read, lyric novel that winds itself around your mind.