It’s official: I’m a student again.


The Seattle central College campus.

The tuition has been paid, so it’s official: I’m a student at Seattle Central Community College in Web Development!

After a few weeks of miscommunication, the community college finally applied the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation’s payment voucher to my tuition.  I’ll be getting a voucher for the books and supplies so it’s all set!  The program i’m going for is a certificate in Web Development, a 64 credit certificate over an 18 month period, summer 12 to fall 13.  Thought it was about time I did something and the stars aligned for me.  This has been in the works since August 11–I had to go through testing, interviews, more testing, false starts, etc. 

Also, I was looking at Doctoral programs in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, since I have a Masters in the field.  I emailed CORE (Council on Rehabilitation Education) about Doctoral programs and they emailed back that The University of Washington has one in Rehabilitation Science.  Who knew?  So I sent a letter of interest to them yesterday and am waiting to see what happens.  Would be cool to finally get my doctorate in Vocational Rehabilitation. 

My Editor has been working feverishly on ‘Aside of Murder’, only to find out her software didnt keep the changes. Ouch. So, she’s had to redo them, but she’s making excellent progress. I’m still hoping to have it uploaded to smashwords by the end of July. Long time coming and I’m grateful for my readers’ patience.

Still working on book 2 in the “Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries”. If you’re interested in the progress, check out the facebook page for the series. 

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