Last Free Weekend

Hello one and all again.  Tis my last free weekend before embarking on a new chapter. Monday, i’m starting a certificate in Web Development, as you all know.  I’m not happy to have to take a math class every single quarter, so i’ll see how it goes with this first one. The summer quarters are shorter than the fall, winter and spring quarters and i imagine i’ll be complaining about that soon.

SO this weekend, i’m hoping to wrap up ‘Aside of Murder’ and get it uploaded to My editor is working feverishly, after her software program deleted all her work the past nine months.  I’m getting the book back this afternoon, so I can do my final read-through and final changes, then upload the new cover and book!  I’ll give a free code so previous readers who bought it can get the revised copy.

There’s a lot of new construction going on here in Belltown, Seattle.  One i’m not very happy about is a twin 41 story building being constructed that will completely obstruct my vew of Lake Union.  Another 21 story building is obstructing my view of lower capital hill.  Then, the three new amazon buildings will obstruct everything else. Time to move on?

This weekend in Seattle it’s Gay Pride.  The parade will pass directly beneath my 10th story window, so I dont have to stand in the rain this year.

Was walking around the ‘hood recently and through the local pea patch (a community garden where people can rent spaces to plant) and found my favorite flower, the Orange Tiger Lily.  This one didn’t have the black spots though.