Book Review: Forbidden Mind

Forbidden Mind

Forbidden Mind (Forbidden #1)


If you liked “Forbidden Mind” before, you’ll love it now.  A revised edition from the author, Kimberly Kinrade that reads as smooth as an expensive watered silk handkerchief.


The characters are more fully developed in their paranormal abilities, the landscape feels as real as fresh grass beneath your feet and the plot will have you holding your breath. The unreal circumstances, characters that can read minds and walk through walls will have you breathless with anticipation. Sam, the main character, is a prisoner inside a well-kept complex, working for shadow figures that have control over hers and everyone’s life around her. Her best friends, twins with paranormal powers, talk to Sam in a language she herself invented. Afterall, she is fluent in over thirty of them!

The powers that be promise her a regular, normal life after she turns 18, when she leaves the complex and her job as ‘rent-a-kid’ for the organization.  She and the kids specialize in blackmail for the organization and clients. Then she finds a new kid in the complex hospital, Blake, who turns out to have another special power. Literally.

They fall in love through ‘mind reading’ each other, even though they barely laid eyes on each other.  Their lives become more intertwined than even they realize.

A thoroughly enjoyable read.