Update II:  The Technical Writing Cert. didn’t appeal to me either.  Going to just stick to writing Novels no one wants to read, lol.


UPDATE:  I have decided to withdraw from Web Development and look into the Technical Writing certificate at the University of Washington. Just sent the email to the Dept. of Voc Rehab. Math and Web development coding are not in area of interest at all. Stick to what you know, as the old adage goes. If they say ‘no’, then I’ll just stick to my current writing projects. Besides, if I do get in, i’ll be that much closer to the PhD. pgm in Rehabilitation Science at UW. I’ll have a hx at the univ.


I’ve been in school a whole week and I can say wholeheartedly, WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Homework twelve hours a day?  Math?  And its a basic pre-algebra. Web development with all those fiddly little crap details?  I’m seriously re-thinking this.  Some of the teachers have Yale, Harvard and Oxford attitudes.  Guess what, sunshines? You teach at a lowly community college. And none of you have a PhD. The only reason I”M going there is that is the only place the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation would pay.

Dunce Cap on a Stool photo

The good news, is I’ve finally Re-published or re-uploaded the Novel to Smashwords this weekend!  You’ve probably seen me blanket marketing  the social sites with the free code.  The new cover is a real hit! I really like it.  Now to see if the nine months of editing paid off.

Worked on this blog’s site a bit, retooled the right hand links and badges. Neat, huh?

So, yah, i’m feeling the pinch lately. Between school, marketing the novel and all the other projects I have going on.

Send Scotch!

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