Good Morning from Belltown

Howdy all and good morning from Belltown. Met with DVR and there isn’t much else they can do for me. So, having them close my file and keep on doing what I have been: work on the Novels, market and push it–have you downloaded it? Free code on the blog sticky. After you read it, please leave a review on smashwords.

I’m not interested in going for a six or nine month certificate program, either in web development or technical writing.  The fields are dead and pay is lousy.  I’d not be lifting myself out of my current situation, so may as well just keep on working on the novels, cookbook and etc. Not even going to resurrect Lione Services–the writing field is dying as well.  Slow to no paying clients, difficult writing formats on article mill sites, cliques that won’t publish your articles.  Too many ‘freelance writers’ that are willing to write for pennies a word are spoiling the field for us true writers.

What i’d like is a Public Relations or Marketing firm to donate their time in marketing the Novel for me, lol.  All I know to do is push ‘Aside of Murder” on all the social network sites and beg people to download the free book.

Ah, a writers life.

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