Intriguing Debut Science Fiction Book

Intriguing story of humans gaining superpowers, some familiar elements gathered from different sources brought together in a smooth, well-thought plot. The characterizations are fully developed, even minor ones, the place is believable as a small town in the central United States.

There are the humans with super powers, more like amplified psychic powers, then there are the super humans with super amplified powers that can block the bad gal with a mere thought…but don’t. They have removed themselves from humanity until one leaves the rank.

The Power-hungry bad gal does feel a bit over-the-top, but in a story with humans with super psychic powers plus, it somehow fits.

Legacy (Age Of Power)

The Author’s premise details the overall plot beautifully:

“The end of the world is just the beginning for Vaughn Hagen. Ready to start a life of college, parties and, most importantly, women, he quickly finds that things can change drastically when a massive asteroid appears in the sky; an asteroid that is on a direct course for Earth. Although humanity does its best to fight against the inevitable it is soon apparent that Vaughn, his family, and his friends, Alex Shaw and Brand Houseman must accept that the Day is coming when the world ends.

But just as everything is about to come to an end, Alex Shaw takes to the sky glowing with miraculous power. Flying into space, he sacrifices himself to destroy the asteroid. And in doing so, the young man leaves behind a legacy only heard of in the stuff of myth and imagination. “

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