Tech Tuesday: Nike Accelerator for Fitness

Old Fashioned Telephone

By Nicole LeeA couple of months after Nike opened its Accelerator startup program:

By Michael GormanIt looks like Nike+ is making moves to get more people playing with its gear. The Next Web reports that Nike has opened up its APIs on the company developer site today, which means devs now have a way to hook into the data all those FuelBandsand SportWatches generate. Among these streams of info is access to a chronological list of user activities, GPS data, and the amount of NikeFuel earned both in total and on an individual activity basis. If that’s got you dreaming up fitness apps and games, head on over to the source armed with your Nike+ login info, and that treasure trove of data can be yours to play with, too.

for registration, the sportswear giant has deemed just ten companies out of hundreds of applicants to be worthy enough to jump on board the Nike+ API train: FitDeck, GoRecess,, CoachBase, GoFitCause, HighFive, Sprout At Work, GeoPalz, Incomparable Things and RecBob. Selected ideas range from a deck of fitness cards to interactive gaming rewards. As a reminder, the TechStars-run program was designed to encourage companies to use Nike-collected data from devices like theFuelband and the Sportswatch.

As a reward for getting picked, the winners will undergo a three-month retreat in Portland, Oregon, where they’ll develop and bring those solutions to fruition. Each company gets $20,000 to use to their advantage, along with expert advice from Nike-selected mentors. At the end of it all, they’ll get to pitch their ideas to industry leaders and angel investors in the hopes of taking it to the next level.