Tech Tuesday: 3-D Home Printers and Google Glass

staples 3d printer

3D Systems’ “The Cube” can print 3-D plastic objects, and it is now available at Staples.

“The Cube” brought to us courtesy of

Now, “The Cube” can be yours, for a mere $1300, right in your home, next to your tower hard drive computer, between the leg shaped lamp and that tacky bubble thing from the 70s.

From the article:

The Cube, like other 3-D printers, is a machine that creates physical, three-dimensional objects. The printer uses a digital design file as a blueprint, then builds the item layer by layer with plastic. Users can print anything they can design, including action figures, iPhone docks and coffee cup holders.

The Cube can print items up to five-and-a-half inches tall, wide and long in 16 different colors, and it comes packaged with 25 free design templates. Shares of Cube maker 3D Systems rose 4% after the announcement but ended the day up 1%. Staples stock closed nearly 3% higher.

George Young, a partner at 3D Systems shareholder Villere & Co., says the Staples announcement validates 3D Systems’ mission, “because they’ve been saying their technology can cover all ends of the spectrum — from manufacturing lines to consumers’ homes. And a retailer like Staples is obviously cognizant about what their customers want.”

What on earth will home computer users print with this thing? Will they wear their google glasses to snap a picture, send to their home computers and print whatever they see?

Here’s  a little bit on Google Glass, courtesy of

What does it do?

  • Voice search
  • Initiates turn-by-turn driving, walking, or cycling directions
  • Captures and shares photos and videos through Google Plus
  • Starts a Google Hangout
  • Accepts phone calls
  • Sends texts
  • Delivers search results, including the weather
  • Hooks into third-party apps

And I can’t even get my little Samsung Exhibit 4G to understand “send email to…” or “text to…” correctly the first time.

Let the new industrial revolution begin.