Monday Review: Mediterranean Cooking

Mediterranean Cooking (ACP Cookbook #3): More Than 150 Favorites to Enjoy With Family and Friends

Mediterranean Cooking (ACP Cookbook #3): More Than 150 Favorites to Enjoy With Family and Friends by

From the product description:


Food is key to the relaxed and healthy way of life in the Mediterranean, and the variety of dishes to be enjoyed from this region is simply stunning. This particular collection of traditional recipes includes all those you would expect—vegetable dips and mezze dishes, fresh salads and sides, tagines, kebabs, and roasts—as well as some inspired contemporary dishes that could become your new favorites. With over 150 beautiful color photographs of recipes that have been triple-tested for your success every time, these delicious Mediterranean dishes are ideal for large dinner parties as well as intimate gatherings with your family and friends.
My Take:
This is one of those cookbooks that i cannot say too many good things about. I found this in the Barnes and Noble bargain shelves. The recipes and ingredients are all about fresh, healthy, natural foods, doing as little processing, prepping and never adding salt, save a small handful of the recipes.  There aren’t many ingredients out of the average household budget, but the more hard-to-find meats, vegetables can be substituted easily.  There aren’t any difficult steps in any of the recipes, nor are there difficult prepping techniques.
What I love most, is the natural, healthy recipes, using low-carb, low-starch foods, it’s no wonder that the Mediterranean Diet is so widely touted as the healthiest in the world?  These recipes are safe for anyone, those with diabetes, heart disease, organ transplants, wanting to lose weight or keep weight off. How can you go wrong?

By Brick ONeil

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