Sneak Peek: Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook


Sneak Peek at my Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook

The cookbook has been the culmination of eleven years of research, networking, reading, cooking by trial and error. It never would have gotten off the ground had friends not continually asking for a physical, hardcopy cookbook.  I got my feet wet by writing the two ebook cookbooks, which this cookbook includes plus new recipes for a total of over 200 recipes.

The Amazon page will be ready for orders on February 3rd, 2014, still getting the glitches out of it, shaking the ‘bad apples’.  It is 91 pages, soft cover with coil binding, 200+ recipes, an introduction that is important to read (yes, it really is) and hints and tips provided by the publisher.

So keep an eye out on social media for the grand opening of the cookbook’s Amazon page!