Healthy Thursday: Spring is here!



Spring has arrived after a long rainy/snowy winter.  Seattle is typically moderate year round, but I really don’t like waking in downpours all bundled up.  The past year has been hard, medically speaking, just a cascade of health issues.  From runners knee reinjury, atypical seizures and heart stents, my weight has ballooned to 190. Being unable to exercise plus having kidney failure (even with a transplant, I’ll always be in kidney failure–transplantation is only a form of treatment, not a cure) makes walking and exercising hard, not to mention walking a mile to the Y and then working out.

So, for Spring 2014, I’m following my own previous advice in my article “How I lost 41 pounds”: start slow, eat right.  That’s it.  I’m building up my walking routine, keeping on my healthy eating (see my cookbooks) and looking at the positive side of life.  If I must, I’ll wear the knee sleeve to help support the weak muscles until they build up and not berate myself for doing more.

It’s taken me awhile to get like this and it’ll take a while to get back to health.