Tech Tuesday: 3D CT Revolution CT

Introducing Revolution* CT

The ability to explore inside the human body non-invasively is a modern day miracle. A miracle made possible for millions of people through work performed by CT imaging professionals and physicians like you.

As with any technology that advances over time, sometimes what’s needed is more than just another step. We reach a point where only a great leap can take us where we need to go.

Proprietary 3D Collimator ensures IV contrast uniformity and minimizes scatter and beam hardening artifacts associated with wide coverage systems – it reduces scatter to primary ratio by more than 50% compared to a 160 mm system with a 1D post patient collimator.

Whisper Drive system to reduce audible noise during gantry rotations by more than 50%. Future proof platform tested to support 0.2 sec/rotation, 70 g of force, and ultra fast kV switching.

Contactless slip ring to transfer data to and from the rotating side of the gantry to the stationary side through RF technology at 40 Gbps. Induction based, brushless slip ring to reliably transfer high voltage power.


Revolution* CT features the latest Smart Dose Technologies designed to help you acquire high quality images using lower doses of radiation. Smart Dose Technologies contribute to a more accurate diagnosis and lower exposure for patients across routine and advanced exams, including dynamic acquisitions for perfusion and 4D studies.

Integrated ASiR-V*
ASiR-V reconstruction technology reduces noise even at very low signal levels. This technology is designed to deliver reduced noise levels, improve low-contrast detectability and routinely reduce dose up to 82% for patients of all ages.1

Organ Dose Modulation
The system can also automatically modulate X-rays to reduce dose to radiation-sensitive organs and anatomical areas such as the eyes and the breasts without compromising image quality.

Pediatric imaging
Sedation free and minimal breath hold at a very low dose for pediatric patients. Whole abdomen and pelvis scanning in less than one second.

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