Wertfrei Wednesday: Choices


Week two into 2015, have you been making better choices for yourself this year? Last week we talked about making better choices, not resolutions. Resolutions are fine and dandy, but we all know they don’t hold water in the long run. What choices am I talking about? Small, achievable ones.

What I’m talking about is exchanging low-fat creamer for full-fat, walking an extra ten minutes across the parking lot at work, having a turkey burger instead of beef. Don’t give up things you like, just make healthier choices. If you try to going whole-hog, eating salads every lunch time or drinking black coffee when you like savory or sweet foods and sugared-up caffeine, you’ll sabotage yourself in the long run.

Start wearing that shirt you love but were embarrassed about the size, when you drink coffee, have it with cream instead of a dessert three times a day–help yourself achieve your dreams. Don’t like going to a gym or yoga studio? There are tons of apps and software so you can workout in the privacy of your own home, without feeling like the elephant in the room. Besides, no one would have been looking at you anyway, being too busy exercising and concentrating on their own bodies and lives.

Remember, small changes make huge affects.