Tech Tuesday: Tablet PC Uses



My first Tablet PC, as you well know, was the HP Compaq TC1100 convertible tablet computer, the second generation. I bought it refurbished in 2007 and it still works to this day, albeit in a slow, buggy way with older hardware and a forgotten OS XP. A few years ago I had an unexpected check drop on my lap and with help from some friends, bought the Asus Eee Pad TF101 Transformer. I did months of research, didn’t buy the first generation, read reviews, got feedback from users and thought this was the PC replacement I had long been looking for.

Now, I regret the purchase, spending hundreds of dollars of mine and friends, for a glorified reader. The Asus Transformer is a great ereader, checking email and some light social networking, but nothing more. What I really needed was a workhorse that could power a word program and wordpress website, heavy internet research, copying/pasting between programs, keeping some social networks open. What I got was another slow, buggy tablet PC that reboots itself every 15-20 minutes, freezes if I open the heavy-resource using Facebook, Tumblr or WordPress. If I open two or more programs, it freezes and I must do a hard-reboot.

So, I use it to read newspaper apps like Pressreader, books in the Amazon Kindle app, I can open facebook but have to close everything else. I have the All-in-One tablet cleaner set up to clean every 30 minutes and I have to ‘boost’ performance before closing one app and opening another. forget using any word processing program.

If you have the TF101, or another similar tablet, what do you use yours for?

By Brick ONeil

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