Wertfrei Wednesday: Sunshine and Happiness

Sunset in January, 2007

Have you ever met people who have a perpetual scowl on their faces? Or those who only see the negative side of anything? You know how exhausting they can be, their one-sided view of life taints everything around you.

I feel sorry for those types of people.  They will never see the beauty of a simple daisy, a morning sunrise hitting the water or the breeze blowing through the treetops. Those of us who choose to see the positive side of life and all it has to offer aren’t pollyannas or ostrich-with-head-in-the-sand views. We see life for all it is, the frustrations, the negative, we see car crashes, we see news reports on political fraud.  We notice bullies of all kinds injustices.

BUT we also know that isn’t all life is. We take comfort in the positives, that shows us life is also beautiful. Money, prestige, climbing the corporate ladder/busting the glass ceiling is all some people want out of life.  That is fine for them.  There are those of us that just want a nice, safe, comfortable life, with enough to shelter ourselves, put food on our table and enjoy what life has to offer. We take joy in art, music, maybe architecture, rolling fields of farmland or acres of cattle.

Whatever it is that brings us joy, we see how beautiful life is.