Healthy Thursday: Happy Healthy Birthday to Me!


Today is my 46th birthday and my kidney’s 12th birthday! I”m lucky and thankful to be alive, thanks to the donor family, thanks to all these years of healthy eating (yes, i’m shamelessly plugging Simple Healthy Fresh), exercise and, sometimes, thanks in-spite-of all the years of doctors, healthcare, surgeries, procedures, broken bones, heart surgery-i’m here.

I may be bruised, scarred and have skidded to 46 but i’m grateful for everything that has brought me here. Through kidney failure, kidney transplant, broken bones, seizures, heart stents (I am that age, afterall), colon cancer scare, just to name a few things that have brought me here.  I’ve also done quite a bit with my extra time! I’ve written ten books, a Mystery series, a cookbook series, an autobiography, several short stories, all of which I am proud. I’ve found the exercise routine that works for  me. I have healthcare that keeps the kidney alive, and by proxy, me. I’ve loved, lost and loved again. I’ve found happiness, I’m content with what I have.

So my birthday wish, is for all the health, happiness and contentedness to spread to all of you.