Ten Days Till Our Wedding

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring: Just Men's Rings

Ten Days till the wedding and we’re still trying to nail down specifics.

The venue is still Olympic Sculpture Park but no one from the actual park has verified our time, only the Museum’s Parks Administrator, who has been great, though. Got my ring months ago, BF finally got one through Penny’s-after trying three other vendors. The minister we had backed out, others have been way too young or indifferent. We may have to have BF’s guest do the ceremony, because no one has accepted my ‘general’ invitation. My guest can’t come due to jury duty. Men’s Wearhouse still hasn’t contacted the BF about our tuxes.

We do have the after party, since no one wanted to come, we’re bypassing a reception, feels silly to reserve somewhere for three people.  So, we’re renting a small boat and having a cruise around Lake Union at Sunset with some Mimosa’s, appetizer trays.  The boatyard rental place is decorating the boat for us in white and  a light blue, with we’re guessing streamers, flowers (my fav lillies, bf’s tulips) and the ‘Just Married’ safety ring.

I went to a dentist to get one of my maryland bridge’s recemented so I wouldn’t look like a toothless redneck in our wedding photos. She found cavities in the cut-notches on one of the bridge support teeth and wanted to get that filled before putting the bridge back. But before that happened, I had to endure below-the-gums cleaning.  Believe me, that was bloody and painful. They are NOT gentle. Since time was so short, she didn’t have time to fill the cavity and reglue the tooth and recement the bridge. The dentist got the bridge recemented and the tooth reglued but said it was fragile.

The tooth popped off while I was eating yogurt, of all things, so I look like a toothless redneck again. I am so upset and beside myself with stress about this. BF is trying to be Zen about the whole thing but he’s getting a bit stressed as well about a Minister, the tuxes and the reception boat.

Happiest time of our life, right?

By Brick ONeil

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