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The words have been flowing!

Stuck on Rose Petal Wine Murder Mystery book 3 for months now, so been writing on the children’s book and the new Wolf Mate book.

The children’s book, I’d had in my mind for about six or nine months now, after a dream last year, finally got it on virtual paper, at about 7,000 words so far. This book will be short, more like a novella for preteens, I think. Sometimes we have no control over our books, how the characters turn out, what the plot points are and we just have to roll with it.  Same in this book, touching on many social issues at once: aggression in others, first love, jealousy, anger but not ‘in your face’ that my adult novels are, if anyone has read them.  I’m quite pleased with how this skeleton storyline is working out. After I finish, i’ll go back and add details and fill it out.

Speaking of skeleton storylines, I wrote the Wolf Mate’s in two days, 15,000 words worth!  Just a touch left then I”ll do the same–go back and fill in minor characters, details, subplots and so forth. I had been binge reading other wolf MM stories for weeks after re-reading Elizabeth Hunter’s Elemental stories when her last book came out.  I had no idea that was even a genre! So there are the Wolves, a Vampire Clan ally, an Alpha Wolf enemy, love. Could not get over, writing 15K words in 2 days with this new book.  The whole book came to me over four days of dreaming about it.  One of those-if it’s hanging around this long, I may as well get it down on ‘paper’.

Told the husband about an awful, nightmarish dream I have every spring, for the past 4 or 5 years. It’s very steven king-ish and not sure I ever want to write it but he said it might do well.  I don’t know, the dream deals with very dark themes that i’m not into or comfortable with.

I’ve been doing a bit of blogging when the muse strikes the past month or two and they seem to be popular with people.  Not that anyone likes the posts, but I can see the stats on my wordpress blog. Another thing I’ve noticed, is a post won’t get hits on the day I post it, but over time, hits will start rolling. A few posts I’ve done over the past years are still getting hits. Still doing a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff for the blog, changing/moving pages, adding/deleting retailer links, posting  updates on the main page and so forth.



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