Approved Foods

It’s no secret that I have a plethora of health issues and now have significant food allergies. I’m diabetic, I have a kidney transplant, I have heart issues, I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and now Rosacea.  Due to these health issues, I can no longer have anything made from/with/of any type of wheat, rices, dairy, beef to name a few. So, what can I eat that won’t bloat my intestines with pain? Are there foods that won’t make my face burn and itch with debilitating pain and migraines? Will it just be lettuce and water from now on?

No, to give the answer, succinctly. Yes, there are a lot of foods I can no longer have-cheesecake, chocolate, pasta and italian dishes, asian/mexican/italian foods, but there is still quite a lot I can do with the foods I am allowed to have.

Follow this link for the spreadsheet of foods I have discovered I’m allowed to have that won’t trigger any of the aforementioned health issues:

Instead of pasta that made up the basis of my four cookbooks (Simple Healthy Fresh here on the website), I use the greens as bases for many of the dishes I used to cook. Since I’m allergic to tomatoes now (yes, I know!) I use processed red bell peppers and beets with various spices. I’m eating more of the fruits I can have and have noticed the rosacea symptoms are fewer these days, no significant flare ups of rashes, burning or pain.

My Endocrinologist has added another type of insulin, a mealtime insulin, because the immunosuppressants cause high Blood Sugars and A1C numbers. Also, the insulin does not help with weight loss (as well as the other medications I am on to keep me alive). I take this with a grain of salt, so to speak. Am I doing what I can to help my health? Yes. I’m eating better these days, healthier choices, in addition to what I have been doing these past 15 years since my kidney transplant.

Let me know if the Approved Food list helps your rosacea, IBS, diabetes or heart disease.

By Brick ONeil

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