Amazon Fire Stick and Mirroring

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Amazon Fire Stick

Bought the Amazon Fire Stick last Christmas, in the hopes of increasing what I can watch. Living on an island there isn’t any broadcast tv signals. The MeTV and IonTV signals fade in and out, almost hourly. Sometimes they disappear entirely, as what happened to MeTV last year upon wind storms. For some reason, IonTV has disappeared entirely and they’re not sharing why. 

Enter Fire Stick. I quickly found out that there isn’t a whole lot of good tv or movies available for low-income homes such as mine. Each time I tried one of the fun items, the fire stick asked for payment. I’m thankful I bought the lemon when it was on sale. Nothing is affordable. I have a 7 inch and 8 inch fire tablet each, thankfully I just read and can get most of the books free. There are several authors whom I have bought succeeding books from. 

I had thought to use mirroring from my windows 10 computer to the fire stick. Both have mirroring available and both can see each other–they just cannot connect.  Amazon employee on twitter suggested a chat with amazon tech help.   Here is that chat:

My chat with re: the #AmazonFireStick and mirroring:

My chat:

Arpana: I am sorry Brick, It will bot connect via bluetooth
It can mirror though.
Me: Both can see each other in mirroring but will not connect. Both error out.
Arpana: Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts about bluetooth connection.
Your comments and suggestions will help us improve our store and offer better service to our customers.
I will forward your feedback to our leadership to improve our service.
Thank you for that
Is there anything else I can help with today?
Me: So there’s no way to get the stick to connect with the computer, then?
Arpana: No
It can be connected to the TV
That’s it
It has specific limitations.
Me: so by design, the #AmazonFireStick will not mirror computers. Feel like I wasted money buying it. There aren’t any good shows/movies/apps for low-income people who do not have hundreds of dollars to throw away at Amazon’s #FireStick services.

By Brick ONeil

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