Happy Easter 2020

Happy Easter 2020!

As you know, 2020 is my “Year of Men’s Fashion Bags”, keeping in my ‘Happy Healthy Me’ mindset that I started in 2019. Easter is time for new beginnings, much like New Year’s Day. Since April is 6 months from Halloween, I propose there be a Happy Easter door-to-door egg giveaway, like candy is for Halloween. But make it social distancing, have the disabled and elderly throw the brightly colored Easter Eggs (why eggs on Easter? what child eats dozens of hard boiled eggs at once, anyway??) at the little blighters who come to the end of the walkway. Make it fun for everyone.

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Now, onto the bag!  This is an Apple Green Tote from Piel Leather, new around $250. This is my best overall purchase of gently used bags, bought on Poshmark for $12! I cleaned it with two leather cleaners, stuffed it with towels to put it back in the original shape for storage until time to use.  The dimensions are 14x12x5 at the bottom and 17x12x4 at the top. There is a black piping lining on the sides to help hold it’s shape with black piping across the front and shoulder straps that are apple green on one side and black on the other. There is a laptop divider inside that is easily  pushed to one side, save for the ant-bacterial wipes, miceller wips and Piel Leather small notebook. The main compartment holds the Piel Leather dopp kit (that holds the sunglasses, umbrella, discount card wallet and camera), charging cord nylon bag, Piel Leather Circular medical bag and small clutch for basics (phones, slim wallet, keys and carmex).

Here are the accompanying bags, a Gostwo small clutch in light green, a tri-color foldover clutch by Yo Soy Feliz and a trapezoid slim wallet in Apple Green by Piel Leather. I’ll put the smaller bags inside the larger tote, the small clutch with the basics (outlined above) and the foldover clutch for smaller items I may buy.  Or I may carry them separately if I’m just ‘running out’ for something. But with the COVID19 scare out and as many health issues as I have, that seems unlikely.

But, as I have said, I love bags and totes. I’ve been writing these articles this year to encourage Men to break out of their black-blue-brown-camo backpacks, bags, duffles.  If anything I’ve written this year has struck a chord, please comment on the article!

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