Men’s Fashion: All Season White

Summer is upon us officially, time for shorter clothes, brighter and shorter clothes. For the first part of Summer, I’m carrying a white tote bag with white accessories. These days in the 21st Century, White is all-season, thus, the white weekender I covered previously. This is a Forever 21 tote bag, big enough for a weekender or for those of us carrying quite a bit (see previous posts).

The Forever 21 tote is 18x10x7, (found on Poshmark–beware sellers and shipping per previous articles) the shoulder drop is 9 inches and I added a white leather adjustable strap 50 inches long. I’ve been fantasizing a week or two at some Oceanside cabin, laying a chaise with a pale ale, scotch cocktail or white wine spritzers with low-carb and low-histamine fruits. This white tote bag full of my swimming briefs, a silk-like gray cover and nothing else. See, men have fantasies too!

The tote is a bit too big to use as a daily tote, however, it can be big enough for shopping, a water bottle and/or thermos of cocoa, mint tea or coffee (if you can drink it). If I were back in Seattle already, I’d be using a tote bag this size. A simple trip on public transit to a dr’s appointment or shop two or four neighborhoods away can take up to 8-12 hours. So I would have to be prepared for any contingency, considering all my health issues.

Of course you need accessories to go in the bag, or carry separately. The white accessories are the large Nordstrom Foldover Clutch in white leather and grey suede (found on ebay), carry basic necessities and ready for additional last-minute shopping. (See the foldover clutch articles) and the Mundi Brady RFID Wallet in Confetti (found on Amazon). I thought the polka dot colors were fun and could coordinate with any summer outfit.  I don’t have a white slim fit wallet, but thought the red would work for Summer.

I love these bags for any time of the year!

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By Brick ONeil

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