Men’s Fashion: Spring Greens

We made it through the winter, some areas worse than others and still going through snow and ice. Here in the Pacific Northwest Island of San Juan, we have Spring. March-April spring is getting greener, with trees, flowers and bushes, so the color I give this first four weeks is a bright green. My first Spring bag was the extra-large apple green Pile Leather tote, on the back of the ottoman in the above picture. I bought it from Poshmark, my first buy from them. The tote was $12, whereas Piel Leather sells totses that size for about $250.

The other Piel tote is the large duffle-like bag, I asked them to make it specially for me when running across others on Amazon in black and brown. It is the Spring duffle or Weekender, for a few days’ trip around the Sound. The last item in the Spring Greens from Piel Leather is the long wallet behind the candle in the above picture. I bought it on sale on Amazon for a fraction of the sale price, to boot. The official name is a passport and ticket holder, a slot on the back for tickets and a slip pocket on the front for cash, cards, etc. Inside are two more slip pockets on the left, a slip pocket on the right for a passport or holder with credit cards on top.

The canvas bag behind the duffle is by Covelin, a brand on Amazon. This Sea Green tote is 12x12x4 approximately. I’ve bought three so far for a sale price of $7 each! They are great for just throwing things inside, like a large clutch and wallet, keys and so on, for a morning or afternoon out and about. Talk about casual! The other Covelin bag is on the left side of the picture, a Sea Green medium size bag, that I’ve covered in other seasons and months. The bags can hold my basic plus items, with clever outside pockets, I’m never wanting for a space.

The two bags in front of that bag are by Yaluxe, another Amazon seller. The envelope clutch is larger than others I’ve shown before and will be all I’ll need most of the time. It’ll hold my basics, keys-carmex-slim wallet-phone. This one will hold two large smartphones for ‘those days’. The large three compartment zip wallet can hold the basics plus my two insulin pens and pen needle caps! I love these two items so much that I’ve bought them in 8 other colors each.

The other items are in front of the large center Piel Leather tote, a smaller envelope clutch by gostwo, a small foldover clutch by Yo Soy Felize in a tri-color green and yellow. The last item is the slim wallet that I’ve bought in about 12 other colors, I love it so much! It has two zip pockets on one side, a slip pocket on the other and a top zip for cash.

Don’t forget the two medium sage green extra-large totes by Antonio Valeria!

I bought these for $40 off their regular price from Amazon Warehouse. These are extra-large and extra-deep for those days you are going to be gone all day or items for work. I love the dark sage green color, they can be used for Winter or Spring bags, even all-season bags, if you want. They are both lined with gray polyester, making looking for items a breeze. I use smaller bags and totes, as you know, so I know which item i’m looking for.

So, here are my suggestions for Spring Greens, guys!

Until next article.

By Brick ONeil

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