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Steve “Brick” ONeil

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Owner/Writer for

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Areas of Interest:

Blogger, Researcher, Instructor/Teacher, Writer position in Disability, Disease, Human Resources, Health and Wellness, Technology, Writing or Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling



M.S. Human Resources, Graduated 1997

East Central University, Ada, Ok

Emphasis: Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling


B.A. Religious Studies, Graduated 1992

Missouri State University, Springfield, Mo



Received National Scholarship in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling


Professional Membership:

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, License 00015672




Aside of Murder

The Bamboo Killer

Different Dreams

Introduction to Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook Series

Simple Healthy Fresh 1.0

Simple Healthy Fresh 2.0

Simple Healthy Fresh 3.0: Dinners

Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook

Silver Linings On Dark Clouds (My Life With Alports Syndrome)

Unrelated: A Selection of Short Stories

Triad: Fates, Furies and Graces

Silver Linings on Dark Clouds [My Life with Alport’s Syndrome]



Articles, Book Reviews and Research (Links found on

Spices: Magic Health Pills

Backyard BBQ: Grill Fall Veggies

Preventing Injuries During Fall Sports

Football and Ankle Injuries

HIV Vaccine for Men and Women

Does Low-Fat and Low-Cholesterol Mean Low-Taste?

Boys of Summer and Creaky Knees

Incorporating Fats Back Into Your Diet

Spring Fitness Through Hula-Hooping

Eating Healthy With Fast Food

Diabetes And Exercise

Runners’ Injuries

H5N1 The Bird Flu 2009

Male HPV Vaccine

How I Lost 41 Pounds

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Foods For Weightlifters

Killer Eggplant

HPV Update

Weightlifting Hazards

Chocolaholics Rejoice

Noel Hynd Weaves a Tight Tale

Bits Of You & Pieces Of me

Almost Guaranteed To Land You A Job

All The Business Information You Need To Know

Significant ‘Culturally Appropriate’ Book

Great Overall Perspective On Black Self-Image

Not To Be Missed If You Like Shamanism

The HPV Vaccine Controversy As A Reference

Eye Health:5 Musts For Healthy Eyes

7 Diabetic-Friendly Food Substitutions For Holiday Meals

Bayer’s USB Glucose Monitor

Cervarix and Gardasil To Treat Gay Men

What I Want You To Know About My Diabetes: On The Mountain

Keeping Fit Through The Holidays

How To Find Your Body Type For Weight Loss

How To Tell If You Have A Gluten Allergy

Upscale Vacation On A Shoestring Budget

Everything You Need To Know About Internet Marketing

Safeplay Critique

Alden Products Strategic Audit

Press Release For “The Bamboo Killer”

Press Release for “Aside of Murder”

Rolled Up Sleeves (Going Through Dialysis)

Why Am I Falling

Would I Have Listened?

How I Quit Smoking 2 Packs A Day Cold Turkey

Practice Makes Perfect

Cutting The Cord-Life Without Cable


Employment Experience:


WRITER at    July 2001 – Present  

Previously: Lione Services


Books include Novel Series, “The Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries”, Aside of Murder”, “The Bamboo Killer” with book 3 coming out soon. Published two short story books, “Unrelated: A Selection of Short Stories” and “Triad: Fates, Furies and Graces”, and cookbook series, “Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook”, “Simple, Healthy, Fresh” ebooks 1.0 and 2.0, all available now on major ebook retailers.


Articles: Feature, Straight-News, As Told To, Small, Web Content, How-To, Fillers for variety of clients and settings, in Health, Fitness, Publishing, Real Estate, Dating, etc.


Blogging: Researching, interviewing and writing, posting in Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Technology, Mobile Phones. Postings included pictures and/or media, backlinks. Daily blog posts, Monday Book Review, Tech Tuesday, Wertfrei Wednesday, Healthy Thursday, Top Ten EBooks from Yesterday and Today, other articles/posts.


Book Reviews: Book reviewer for four years in the fields of Health, Fitness, Disease and Disability and Fiction. Post Fiction reviews each Monday on the business site blog. Reviews can be found on my business site, as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Research: Exact research with a wide variety of search engines, keyword phrases (both meta and single search parameters).

Other services offered are Copywriting, Ghost Writing, Marketing Packets, Proposals and Grants.


Software Utilized

Microsoft Office Professional 2010–including: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Outlook and Publisher

Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007: All the above, including Accounting, InfoPath and Groove

Google Office

Mobisystems Office Suite 7.0

Kingsoft Office Suite 6.0




Stephen Wilson, Writer/Editor at Self-Publishing

Brick is a professional, with a firm understanding of how internet marketing and promotion works. I was fortunate to have worked with him as he promoted one of his novels. His writing is crisp, clear, entertaining and clean. I would recommend him.

Shelly Hardage-Wilkerson, Independent Journalist at

Brick wrote articles at the same time we both worked at 451 Press. He was great about staying on top of his work everyday.

Richard Pulfer, Comic Book Author/Freelance Writer

I was a blogger with Brick at 451 Press. His blogs were always consistent, relevant, timely, and above all, informative.

Tyler Mills, Content Producer at

Brick does excellent work at 451 Press.

Kyla Matton, Owner at Kyla Matton Freelance Writing Services

Brick’s articles on health topics are balanced and well-researched, and always on a topic of current interest. I look forward to reading each new article, and never fail to either learn something new or to consider a familiar topic from a new point of view!




  •  Collaborate with employers to retain or return employees to work through a   variety of vocational rehabilitation strategies.
  •  Analyze and interpret vocational and educational records and reports; interview claimants and employers to determine claimant’s transferable skills and their ability to perform own or other occupations, with or without modifications.
  •  Develop, document and implement comprehensive and cost-effective return to work or retraining program for claimants, which address medical, vocational and psychosocial components.
  •  Communicate with claimants, employers, medical treatment providers, outside rehabilitation counselors and other carriers, such as workers compensation providers to ensure understanding and the goal of returning to work.
  •  Assure cost containment and effective utilization of outside vendors and accommodation expenses.
  •  Coordinate site visits and assessments; advise on educational programs for employees; recommend job site modifications and safety or procedural changes.
  •  Develop and conduct vocational education and training for claimants.
  •  Possess advanced knowledge and development of appropriate strategies for effective claim resolution. Working knowledge of government resources and programs for rehabilitation and retraining services, in addition to the necessities of establishing a claimant support system.
  •  Manage workers compensation claims for the northeastern United States, in addition to preceding exposure to the states of Washington and Nebraska. Experienced with workers compensation and veterans Chapter 31 claims for state and private entities.
  •  Understand employer requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act and possess strong knowledge of Americans with Disabilities Act, family leave laws, laws governing Workers Compensation, laws governing client confidentiality, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security Benefits.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Experience in planning, organizing, coordinating, and supervising for desired outcome.
  •  Able to deal with evolving integrated systems, restructuring of work, and focus on preventive care in the workplace.
  •  Decisions made utilizing variety of resources and analyzing contradictory information.
  •  Developed leadership skills by motivating others to implement decisions and plans.
  •  Utilized tact, diplomacy, flexibility and communication skills in day-to-day operations.
  •  Trained in Administration, Technical and Grant Writing.
  •  Precise and accurate in all work.
  •  Follow established routines and procedures.
  •  Excellent concentration skills, able to work alone and/or with others.
  •  Great organizational skills, ability to prioritize and fast learner.
  •  Conduct training, supervision and reviews of employees.
  •  Analyze and interpret records and reports.


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