Winter Tips from the American Heart Association

Remember your Risks during the Holidays.   Flee From the Flu   During the winter, the flu can travel from one person to the next, from city to city. The American Heart Association… Continue reading

Good-for-Your-Colon Hors d’Oeuvre

What’s the perfect party food for better colon health? Easy — a veggie platter with zesty bean dip.   Why? Because beans, onions, celery, radishes, cucumbers, and peppers are great sources of flavonols… Continue reading

Study finds another reason to slim your belly

A big waist better indicator of stroke risk than overall weight   large waist circumference, which is known to raise the risk of cardiovascular disease, may also raise the risk of stroke or… Continue reading

Smoking ban leads to big drop in heart attacks

Hospitalized cases fell 41 percent after one city’s smoke-free workplace law A smoking ban in one Colorado city led to a dramatic drop in heart attack hospitalizations within three years, a sign of… Continue reading

Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance

Weight loss is an important component to an overall fitness and health program. Weight maintenance is the companion piece, and it is a much tougher part.   Weight maintenance is absolutely critical to… Continue reading