Men’s Fashion: February Valentines Red

  FEBRUARY VALENTINE'S RED Yes, you can carry reds during Spring, Summer Fall and Winter! Here, I've been carrying the Piel Leather red bucket tote (review here:, the Express foldover clutch, the Artwell clutch and Cynure Official three zip wallet from February first through the 14th. I haven't used the foldover clutch yet, but … Continue reading Men’s Fashion: February Valentines Red

Men’s Fashion: Foldover Clutches

Last week I talked about basic bags and clutches to carry your basics around, phones, wallets, keys, etc. They are great to grab and go if  you want to keep from filling your pants pockets. This week, I'm discussing their larger cousins, foldover clutches. They come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors, … Continue reading Men’s Fashion: Foldover Clutches

Men’s Fashion: Bags and Clutches

Men's fashion is changing with the 21st century and men across America should get with the program. I'm talking about what to use when carrying 'just the basics'. My basics are two smartphones, a thin wallet, my keys and carmex. Guys have choices these days (maybe not in conservative rural areas, but prove me wrong). … Continue reading Men’s Fashion: Bags and Clutches

Men’s Fashion Sneak Peek!

Men can enjoy fashion too! Men are no longer relegated to black, dark brown, steel or dirty gray, endless variations of camo. No, men can enjoy fashions just like women. Here I've got a take on the famous Burberry design. I've never been fond of plaid, but this design is perfect in my humble opinion. … Continue reading Men’s Fashion Sneak Peek!

Guys, Start New Bag Habits!

  When it comes to backpacks, bags, clutches and wallets, guys tend to think only blues, blacks, camo and greys. There are literally thousands of colors out in nature and it's time that guys get on board. There isn't anything wrong with the aforementioned colors, but I'd like guys to start broadening their horizons. In … Continue reading Guys, Start New Bag Habits!

I give Poshmark a D+ as a Buyer

Poshmark showed up on my Google research for small bags to put into a larger tote, having achieved the age of 50 last year. I need to carry more things now that I'm older and my small 8x9 bag wasn't cutting it anymore. On Poshmark, here has been my experience. When you buy something, clutches … Continue reading I give Poshmark a D+ as a Buyer

New Changes for 2020+

  New changes for 2020+, decided to divide my clothes into seasons, L-R, Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer. Summer only looks like a lot, 85% of summer are tshirts, some with logos. Not counting those, I have three. But, to me, looks like a good, basic wardrobe. I have 5 pants tho, but enough to divide … Continue reading New Changes for 2020+