A Good Wine Substitute

Grapes To get the heart-healthy benefits of drinking wine without getting tipsy, tipple some grape juice instead. Research shows that your blood will get two important benefits: More antioxidants will be circulating in… Continue reading

Flatter abs with reverse crunches

Reverse Crunches are great for abs!   Here’s the ab exercise I do two times per day. Trying to describe them to friends is difficult, especially just by description.   Here it is:… Continue reading

Obesity ‘Virus’ Spreads Like Common Cold, Scientists Say

DNA Obesity can be “caught” as easily as a common cold from other people’s coughs, sneezes and dirty hands. The condition has been linked to a highly-infectious virus which causes sniffles and sore… Continue reading

Five Ways to Lead a Healthier Life

Glass of Water Gabrielle Reece of Yahoo Health has these great hints and tips for living a healthier lifestyle! 1. Drink only water, with the exception of your beloved coffee in the morning.… Continue reading

Losing a pound a week, staying positive

Horn of Plenty iReporter Giyen Kim has been losing a pound per week since the start of 2009 She exercises six days a week, eats one vegan meal per day   Dr. Melina… Continue reading

Exercising etiquette: Don’t be a gym diva

screaming Child Sweaty slobs, cell phone chatterboxes irk their fellow gym-goers Jacqueline Stenson over at MSNBC health has this great article about gym etiquette.   It’s likely that anyone who’s spent time at… Continue reading

Study finds one-third of U.S. kids take vitamins

Pills But most children are already healthy and don’t need them, study suggests Spendy supplements The study’s lead author, Dr. Ulfat Shaikh, a pediatrician at the University of California-Davis Children’s Hospital in Sacramento,… Continue reading

Armor Against E. Coli: Fiber

Whole Wheat Bread Fiber is fab. You already eat it to stay regular and to feel fuller longer. Now there’s another reason: gut protection.  Bacteria Bound In a lab study, researchers exposed a… Continue reading

How can I eat less fat at a fast food restaurant?

Salad Since many fast food restaurants have adopted the “bigger is better” attitude, classic small, medium, and large sizes are no longer available. Great question on the American Diabetes Association webpage.   Now… Continue reading

Steal secrets from the world’s healthiest guys

Omega-3 Want to be happier, get in shape and have better sex? Try these strategies MSNBC posted a great slide viewer on where the healthiest men in the world live and how they… Continue reading