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‘Three Cups’ Update: More transparent than cling wrap

> By MATT VOLZ, Associated Press – Wed Apr 20, 7:13 pm ET HELENA, Mont. – The family friend of Greg Mortenson who has stepped in to run the Central Asia Institute while the “Three Cups of Tea” co-author… Continue reading

What do you do to get into a “character”?

I’ve been thinking of one of the new characters in the next book, getting into his mindset and wondered what other authors do. So, that got me to thinking what lengths would you… Continue reading

What a Web We Weave: Montana AG opens inquiry into ‘Three Cups’ charity

>Seems the trouble is just starting. By MATT VOLZ, Associated Press: Montana’s attorney general is scrutinizing the charity run by “Three Cups of Tea” co-author Greg Mortenson after reports questioned whether Mortenson benefited… Continue reading

Place, Plot or People?

Which is more important when crafting and writing your Novels and Books? Is this the age old question, the writer’s version of ‘chicken and egg’? To me, they hold an almost equal value.… Continue reading

What’s your favorite type of character to write?

Depending on the scene, book/story and where i’m at in the book, that’s my favorite type of character to write.  Sounds like a cop-out, doesn’t it? When I write, the characters become real… Continue reading

Social Media and the “Hip-Factor”

Ok, so maybe it’s because i’m not hip or fashionable enough to understand social media.  There are a ton of articles, “Marketers”, “Social Media Experts” and so on extolling the endless virtues and… Continue reading

Nebraska-Born Authors that Hit the Big Time with Bestsellers

>Great article, as I lived in Nebraska for five years. by: Meagan Morris, Yahoo contributors network: The Imperial, Neb.-based Burpo family wasn’t expecting so much attention when father Todd Burpo wrote and published a… Continue reading

Jean Auel concludes prehistoric saga with 6th book

>This was my Mother’s favorite book series.  So, in her honor, i’m posting news about the sixth and final book in the series. By Mike Collett-White,Reuters: Long before J.K. Rowling turned Harry Potter… Continue reading

Nothing new under the sun

Seattle had some sunny days recently, which got me to thinking, “what will be new to discover?” Personally, i’ve discovered i’m horrible at grammar, punctuation and word meanings, apparently.  Only a few people that… Continue reading

On Writing: My Version

Since 2001, Writing has become my hobby, a way to earn a few bucks here and there.  I’ve written in a few areas, health, fitness and real estate mostly.  I enjoy the research… Continue reading