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Monday Book Review: Big Basic Cookbook by Kimberly Beeman

Big Basic Cookbook by Kimberly Beeman, available on From the inside cover flap: Big Basic Cookbook is the standard everyday cookbook no kitchen should be without.  The recipes and the wealth of information… Continue reading

Monday Book Review: Family Circle Step-by-Step Sensational Vegetable Recipes

  From the Book’s description: Everyone knows that vegetables are healthy and a necessary part of our daily diet.  But not everyone knows just how delicious they can be.  Sensational Vegetable Recipes shows  you… Continue reading

Belated Borders

Absolutely stunning news.  Borders is closing, forever. Even if it is expected, as I’d been blogging about their financial troubles for hears across my different book blogs over the years. Frankly, i’m surprised… Continue reading

Borders to Pitch Skeptical Publishers

>From earlier in the month, stated At a meeting with publishers set for Wednesday morning, Borders Group will unveil its long-awaited restructuring plan, but unless it contains substantial new information, publishers are likely… Continue reading

With 39 Borders closing in California, indies look for opportunity

>By Wendy Werris, Because California is losing more Borders stores than any other state in the country, the region’s booksellers are uniquely poised to find ways to turn the ramifications of the… Continue reading

Borders Leaves Publishers Unimpressed, Pushes for Better Terms

>Borders Leaves Publishers Unimpressed, Pushes for Better Terms As reported in PW Daily yesterday, Borders was facing a skeptical publisher audience Wednesday when it presented its reorganization plan and by most accounts publishers… Continue reading

Borders Watch: Distribution Center Switch, Exec Incentives, New Terms Sought

>By Judith Rosen, In its second turnabout within a week, Borders will close its Northeast distribution center in Carlisle, Pa., but keep the warehouse in LaVergne, Tenn., open for the foreseeable future, according… Continue reading

Borders to Decide Fate of 75 Stores This Week

>by Judith Rosen, In a brief conference call to vendors Friday afternoon, Borders CEO Mike Edwards said that the company will make a decision this week on whether or not to close… Continue reading

Borders Meets with Publishers Over Terms

>Hopefully, this will help the  beleaguered bookstore. by Judith Rosen , Ahead of a conference call set for Friday afternoon to give vendors an update on its business plan and restructuring, Borders merchandise executive… Continue reading

“Aside of Murder” Is FREE this week!

Excuse my bit of self-indulgence today.  Announcing my Novel, Aside of Murder, is offered FREE this week! Aside of Murder,, will be FREE to download from March 6th to my birthday, March 12th! Use… Continue reading