Monday Book Review: Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy Hardcover by Parragon Books (Author), Love Food Editors (Author) The Easy Way Quick & Easy is part of an exciting and comprehensive new series of cookbooks. Each title is packed with over 140 easy-to-follow recipes, step-by-step photographs, hints and tips, and a clear and helpful introduction. Cook and preparation times are included to make planning each recipe … Continue reading Monday Book Review: Quick & Easy

Monday Book Review: The Silver Spoon

The Silver Spoon by Phaidon press From the Amazon description: The Silver Spoon is the first international edition of the most influential Italian cookbook of the last fifty years. With over 2,000 traditional and modern recipes, its simple style and traditional authenticity will appeal to both the gourmet and the occasional cook. With a new … Continue reading Monday Book Review: The Silver Spoon

Cookbook Contest Winners!

  Giving a great big thank you to everyone that entered the Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook Giveaway! Winners were drawn via random number generator, 1st place winning the Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook: Crystal Kerstein Burnett 2nd place winning the Yakpak Spring Tote:  Melodie Lunday 3rd place winning the Yakpak iphone cover: Stets Elizondo  

Sneak Peek: Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook

Sneak Peek at my Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook The cookbook has been the culmination of eleven years of research, networking, reading, cooking by trial and error. It never would have gotten off the ground had friends not continually asking for a physical, hardcopy cookbook.  I got my feet wet by writing the two ebook … Continue reading Sneak Peek: Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook

Resolutions 2014

Welcome to 2014 ladies and gentlemen. The past years have brought posts on eating healthy, exercising, joining new communities, starting new hobbies, making friends and so forth. Periodically, throughout the year, there have been posts reminding you about keeping on track with your resolutions.  No one responds, so I have no idea if you all … Continue reading Resolutions 2014

The Cookbook

So, it's been nearly two months since the Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh cookbook fund was started on gofundme and within 4 weeks, raised $445 by 13 friends!  Then nothing else since. After four weeks of posting, begging, pleading, marketing, publicizing across 11 or 12 social networks for any type of donation, it was apparent that … Continue reading The Cookbook

November Update for gofundme Cookbook

  Here we are, over a month into the fundraiser for "The Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook" and so far 13 friends have been generous enough to dig deep to bring the total so far to $445! What is it? The "Simple, Healthy, Fresh" cookbook series and way of life are about low-carb, low-sodium cooking, nothing … Continue reading November Update for gofundme Cookbook