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An Hour or Three of Exercise

Just finished an hour of exercise, cause even middle agers need to keep as healthy as we can! What do I do? Depends on the day, I do 30 minutes of strength training,… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Microsoft Band

With this new wearable device, Microsoft has entered the fitness technology era. Classic design, new sensors, new displays and connected to everything you need. Microsoft’s Band has even received great reviews from technology… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Government Flummoxed by Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

This is the best pyramid for diabetics I have ever found! Via The United States Government has many heads, one is saying American’s are far too fat and developing Diabetes Type 2 at… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Losing Weight

There are so many articles, blogs, conversations, news stories going on about ‘the best, most healthy way to lose weight’. There are, literally, hundreds of new ideas, opinions and ultimatums on weight loss.… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Happy, Healthy 2015

From 2015 is finally here, full of new challenges and new experiences. I challenge each and every one of you to see the coming days through new eyes, seeing the bad days as… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Cravings

  Let’s talk cravings. If you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, including more lean proteins, low-carb vegetables, cut out white foods like flour, pasta, rice, sugar for brown foods of the same… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Foods for Weightlifters

When are the most important times to eat high protein foods? There are 3 “most important” times. These times are first thing in the morning after you wake up, last thing at night… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Blaming Fat on People

via Saw an article over on Fox News Health that discussed the weight issues with Americans’ were the cause of over-eating and never exercising. I took issue with that, placing the blame solely on… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Too Hot to Exercise

During these hot summer months of global warming, it may be difficult to go walking, jogging or yogaing when the temps are in the triple digits (or too warm for your area of… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Weight Loss by Fruits and Vegetables

  A new study has just confirmed what we already knew: Eating fruit and vegetables will not help you lose weight [] As I have said, time and again, in articles and cookbook… Continue reading