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Healthy Thursday: Don’t Diet

Summer is in full force, more people are feeling energetic, making plans to diet, exercise in order to lose weight fast.  They are looking for fast diets, like the antithesis of fast food.… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Weight Loss Myths

  We’ve all heard them, heart-felt advice, old wives tales: weight loss myths. There are so many of them out there, some sound and some so off the wall you just laugh. The… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Cooking Simple, Healthy Fresh

Ever wonder how I create the recipes for my Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbooks?  Want to start cooking healthier?  There are some simple rules that recipes must follow to be included in the Simple… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Spring is here!

  Spring has arrived after a long rainy/snowy winter.  Seattle is typically moderate year round, but I really don’t like waking in downpours all bundled up.  The past year has been hard, medically… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Samsung Gear Fit The display on the Gear Fit is the real draw: it’s a rectangular, curved AMOLED touchscreen panel with characteristic-for-Samsung vibrant colors and exceptionally wide viewing angles. The curve in the… Continue reading

Dr. Ordered Gym Time

  Seems I was premature on wanting to cancel the Gym membership at the Y. Saw the new cardiologist yesterday, very professional, said my heart looked good, ordered nine months of Cardiac Rehabilitation… Continue reading

Breaking up with the Gym

  Several years have passed since I last stepped foot into the local Y, yet i’m paying for a  monthly membership on the premise that “I’ll soon be healthy enough to go back… Continue reading

Healthy at Any Cost? When Enough is Enough.

  Was reading an article on weight loss and weight maintenance, which I can’t find now.  The crux was, It’s easy to lose weight the first time but maintaining a weight loss forever… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Mixing it Up

Getting your cardio in with your workout is essential to getting healthy, fit and feeling better about yourself. Many do the tried-and-true treadmill, grinding out mile after mile.  I know I did that… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Upping the Ante

  If you’ve been working out for awhile now, making good on those New Years Eve healthy resolutions, and are getting bored with your circuit workouts, doing 3 sets of 5, 7 or… Continue reading