To Add a Past Job?

Updating my LinkedIn profile (click link on page) and decided to add my  past Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjuster job. Why? It’s part of my experience and proof that I once held a job outside writing and Pre-Kidney Failure. That is a difficult field to work in, no one wants the Adjuster involved. No one from…… Continue reading To Add a Past Job?

Something Bold, Something New

  Good Morning all, the sun is beating down over Belltown, got the blinds shut.  There can be too much of a good thing. Got my mug O’Roast and enjoying the time. Thinking of stopping several of the daily blog posts, finding They are time consuming and They aren’t bringing in any new readers/subscribers/followers, Not…… Continue reading Something Bold, Something New

Lots going on

Been a busy Winter/Spring around Lione Services and myself, both personally and professionally. Personally, I over-exercised in 2010-11, damaging my knee with “Runners Knee”.  It’s been a year of physical therapy, some not so good. Recently I had water drained off my knee and had a cortisone shot that both did wonders. I ordered a…… Continue reading Lots going on